N8N vs Zapier: Which Automation Platform is Right for Your Business?

Are you looking for a simple and powerful way to automate your workflow? Do you want to save time and energy by connecting all of your apps in one place? If so, then it’s time to compare two of the most popular automation tools: n8n and Zapier. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at both solutions, comparing features and pricing – helping you decide which one is best for your needs.

Introduction to n8n and Zapier

n8n and Zapier are two of the most popular automation tools available today. n8n is a free open source node-based workflow automation platform, while Zapier is a paid web-based platform that allows you to automate tasks between other online services. With n8n, you can self-host the platform, giving you full control over the environment in which your workflows run, while Zapier offers a free version with limited features. Both platforms offer a variety of integrations with other applications and services and allow for the automation of repetitive tasks, making them ideal for businesses looking to reduce manual labor and streamline processes.

What Can You Do with n8n and Zapier?

n8n and Zapier offer a range of solutions for automating tasks and workflows. With n8n, users can automate a variety of tasks, from data entry to data analysis. It also provides a comprehensive library of nodes to help users customize and extend their workflows. Zapier, on the other hand, is mainly focused on integrating web apps and services with each other, allowing users to create automated workflows that move data between applications. Both platforms offer a range of triggers and actions that can be used to create powerful workflows.

Advantages of Using n8n

n8n is a free node-based “Open Source” (Apache 2.0 with Commons Clause) Workflow Automation Tool. It can be self-hosted, which gives you more control over how often tasks run, as well as the ability to customize your workflows. It has lots of integrations to other platforms and is easier to use than Zapier. Setting up an n8n workflow saved me hours of work that I’d otherwise have to spend manually updating hundreds of invoices. Now it runs automatically and I can be sure that all my tasks are done in a timely manner.

Advantages of Using Zapier

Zapier offers a free version, as do Make and n8n (if you host yourself). However, this free version is really narrow: you can only create a limited number of workflows and tasks. But it has lots of integrations to other Platforms and is easier to use than n8n.io. Zapier is a paid platform that offers a more complete experience, with unlimited workflows and tasks, and far more integrations. It also has built-in analytics and reporting capabilities that can be used to monitor your automation progress.

Comparison of Pricing for n8n and Zapier

When it comes to pricing, both n8n and Zapier offer a variety of options. n8n is a free, open source solution that can be self-hosted. There are also paid options available, such as the n8n Premium subscription and an Enterprise plan. Zapier has a limited free plan, but the majority of their subscriptions are paid. They offer three tiers: Starter, Professional, and Team. Each tier offers different levels of access to features and integrations.

For small businesses or individuals just starting out, both n8n and Zapier offer cost-effective options. n8n provides access to a wide range of features for free, while Zapier’s free plan is limited in functionality. For larger businesses with more complex requirements, both n8n and Zapier have paid plans that offer additional features and integrations. It’s important to consider the needs of the business when choosing between the two platforms to ensure that the most cost-effective option is chosen.

Ease of Use for n8n vs. Zapier

When it comes to ease of use, n8n and Zapier have different approaches. n8n is a node-based automation tool that gives users more control over the tasks they create. This makes it easier for users to create complex workflows, but it can also lead to confusion for those who are less tech-savvy. On the other hand, Zapier is a more general-purpose tool that simplifies the process of creating workflows. This makes it easier to use, but it doesn’t offer as much freedom when creating tasks. Ultimately, both platforms offer a variety of features that make them easy to use for different types of users.

Integrations with Other Applications for n8n vs. Zapier

When it comes to integrations, Zapier is the clear winner, offering over 2000+ applications. This makes it extremely versatile and able to integrate with a wide range of services. n8n, on the other hand, only has 200+ applications. However, it’s worth mentioning that n8n is open source and has a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing workflows. This makes it the preferred choice for developers looking for powerful automation capabilities.

Automation Options Available in Both Platforms

When it comes to automation, both n8n and Zapier offer a range of options. With n8n, you can create workflows and automate tasks with ease. It offers powerful features like node-based logic, event triggers, looping, and error handling. You can also set up scheduled tasks to run at specific times or recurring intervals. With Zapier, you can create automated tasks to run when specific events occur or when certain conditions are met. You also have the ability to set up tasks that run on a regular schedule. However, Zapier does not offer the same level of customization as n8n does when it comes to automation options.

Customization Capabilities in Both Platforms

Customization is an important factor to consider when choosing a workflow automation platform. n8n allows for highly customizable workflows, due to its open-source nature and its flexible node-based structure. This makes it easier to create complex workflows that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. n8n also allows users to write custom code and create custom nodes, so they can access data from any source they need.

On the other hand, Zapier is a general-purpose tool, so it doesn’t offer as much customization as n8n. While it does allow users to create basic workflows with its pre-defined triggers and actions, it doesn’t provide the same level of flexibility when it comes to creating complex workflows. Zapier also doesn’t offer the same level of control over how frequently tasks run, or the ability to write custom code and create custom nodes.

Flexibility when Creating Workflows between the Two Platforms

n8n and Zapier both allow for a high degree of flexibility when creating workflows. With n8n, users have the ability to create complex workflows with multiple nodes, each of which can have its own set of parameters and conditions. This can be especially useful for automating tasks that require multiple steps or need to be triggered under certain conditions. Zapier, on the other hand, offers a simplified approach to workflow creation. Instead of having to individually configure nodes and conditions, users are provided with pre-built workflows and templates that can be quickly customized based on their needs. Additionally, Zapier allows users to connect multiple services together in a single workflow, providing a more efficient way to automate tasks.

Scalability (Number of Tasks) Between the Two Platforms

When it comes to scalability, both n8n and Zapier offer different capabilities. n8n allows users to create up to 1000 tasks per workflow, while Zapier limits users to only 20 tasks per workflow. This makes n8n a better choice if you have a large number of tasks that need to be automated. Zapier also has an upper limit of 100 workflows per account. This means that you may need to consider setting up additional accounts if you have more than 100 workflows that need to be automated.

Security Considerations When Choosing Between the Two Platforms

When it comes to security, both n8n and Zapier take the necessary steps to ensure that your data is safe and secure. n8n is an open source platform which means that anyone can view the code and ensure that it is secure. On the other hand, Zapier has a dedicated team of security professionals who continuously monitor the platform for any security threats. As far as user authentication, both platforms provide two-factor authentication (2FA) as a way to keep your account secure. Additionally, Zapier also offers additional security features such as single sign-on (SSO) and IP whitelisting. Both platforms are compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations, meaning they will never share your data with third parties. Furthermore, both n8n and Zapier offer end-to-end encryption of data in transit or at rest. This means that all your data is encrypted while in transit or stored in the cloud ensuring that only you have access to it.


When it comes to choosing between n8n and Zapier, it comes down to personal preference. Both platforms offer great automation capabilities, integrations with other applications, and customization options. However, n8n is a free open source platform that you can self-host, while Zapier is a paid platform. Therefore, if you’re on a budget or want more control over your automation, n8n might be the better choice. Zapier is a great option if you need more flexibility, scalability, and integrations with popular applications. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your specific needs and budget.

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